Monday, November 4, 2019

Simple Ways To Look Polished By Williams

* Clean skin: shower daily, use moisturizer and deodorant.

* Fragrance: apply a little perfume on your neck and wrist.

*Teeth: brushed, flossed, whitened and maintained by regular dental checkups and cleanings.

*Hair: clean, combed and styled. Let your hair always look prim and proper, for the bad hair days, you can use your wigs or a scarf.

*Face: follow a daily skincare routine to keep the skin clean, moisturized and pimple/blackhead free.

* Makeup: opt for a natural look when applying your makeup. Use your makeup to highlight your best features and still looking more like you.

*Fingernails and hands: keep nails cleaned, trimmed, shaped, polished, and free of hangnails. Keep hand moisturized and free of cracks and dry lines.

* Toenails and feet: keep nails trimmed, clean and polished. Nails should be kept clean and polished, feet should be moisturized and free of callouses and dry skin.

* Shaving: keep eyebrows and other facial hair trimmed. Also groom under arms , legs and pubic hair .

* Maintain your clothes: make sure your clothes are well maintained. Amend your clothes that are ripped , fix broken zippers and missing buttons.

*Iron your clothes: use an iron to keep clothes looking crisp and wrinkle free.

*Take care of your pet hair: a few stroke or simple strokes of a lint roller or lint brush.

*Take care of your shoes: maintain your shoes by cleaning it after use. Don’t wear same shoe always, try to shuffle it with other ones you have.

*Bag care: remove scuffs and repair any wear or tear. Keep bags dirt and stain free.

*Jewelry: is a big investment, take proper care of your jewelry by cleaning with a soft, clean cloth to maximize the shine.

*Stand up straight and maintain good posture “ carry yourself like a lady “.

* Be on time for appointments, dates, and meetings because it’s a sign of respect.

* Be friendly, caring, polite and thankful.

*Use proper grammar, speak clearly and be articulate.

* Maintain composure. If angry, take a step back from the situation and don’t lash out.

*Don't be rude, condescending or inconsiderate.

* Be professional.

* Be kind and respectful of others no matter who they are.

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