Saturday, November 2, 2019

Style Icon, Jumoke Oyeneyin Set To Open Lace & Fabrics Store In Lekki

This is big news coming from one of the best-dressed ladies in Lagos. She is a lady of great style and panache. She's got Poise and Grace. She not only dresses well she also carries her outfits resoundingly well.

So beautiful and well-dressed is Jumoke Oyeneyin that whenever she steps out to a party she usually looks smashing and stunning in her outfits.

And all heads usually turn in her direction because of her gorgeous and Glamourous look.

City people Online Fashion and beauty Magazine magazine spoke to her about her new shop and Style Statements.

Below are excerpts...

What brought about your opening of a fabric shop in Lekki?

I have always been in the business of sourcing for exquisite fabrics but never had a shop for it cos I was busy taking care of the kids schooling abroad and it took away lots of my time being away from the country often. But the kids are all grown and done.  

So it’s just an ideal time to set up a shop as it also needs a lot of concentration

We recently just moved to the Island so I needed to have a shop not far from my home so I could see have enough time for my husband hence the Lekki location is just ideal for it.

Many will say it's long overdue because you have always been a stylish lady. Why did it take you years before going into the business?

Exactly what was on everybody’s lips when they heard I was opening a fabric shop. Well like I said I had to put my family/kids first and now that I am much relaxed, I decide to start up. It’s never too late as long and the desire and zeal is there.  Sourcing for fabrics has always being part of me.

Why your choice of lace? Will you sell other fabrics? If yes like which ones ?

My choice for laces is simply because I love and wear the best quality Swiss laces so naturally, I have passion for them and I believe am a good Model for what I do.

Oh yes. I will be selling other exquisite and carefully sourced fabrics from around the world. I have timeless fabrics, I have a bridal line for bride second dresses. I also have the men’s Swiss line.

At Jummhy exclusive laces and fabrics we speak quality.....yet we have everyone covered.

How have you been able to stay consistently consistent with your fashion and style?

In everything I do I believe in consistency.  Fashion revolves but style is timeless. I follow fashion just like every woman would but my style remains. I maintain most of my signature.....I just fashionably play around them

You tie the best Gele. How did it start?

My love for gele started when I met my husband. As a young girl still in school then I had to accompany him to parties and I realized I was always wearing my outfits without gele because I didn’t have a clue on how to tie them. So I had a Neighbour’s sister have it tied for me.

But occasionally we go outside Lagos my husband had to assist me.  So out of the frustration I just said to myself I would have to learn it by force cos I had to always accompany him and just look good. So pronto I sat in front of the mirror every night to practice before going to bed and that’s how I came about it the big bold gele..

But now I tie my gele in form of turban

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