Thursday, November 14, 2019

Style Statements of Yeye Oge, Oluwaseun Adetoyinbo

She is one of the best-dressed ladies in Lagos. She is very beautiful and carries her outfits well.

She is into Fashion and she styles other ladies who want to look good like her.

She sells high quality fabrics at her store on Allen Avenue in lkeja Lagos.

She recently told Citypeople Online Fashion and beauty magazine about her fashion business.

We asked her to tell us a bit about her brand.

She says the Dotrik brand is a fashion brand located at no 47 Allen Avenue Ikeja Lagos."It's a brand dedicated to make women look good", she explains.

"We sell all types of lace for all types of occasions.Our goal at Dotrik is to make our Dotrik women stand out from the crowd with our unique selection of fabrics sourced frm all over the world".

How did her love for fashion start?

"I have always been a lover of fashion, and I have a unique taste and a keen eye for fabrics and all things fashion related. I also have a passion for helping women look there very best".

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