Saturday, November 9, 2019

Why All The Big Boys Like Aremo Adesegun Oniru

All his friends and admirers call him Aremo. From time immemorial that has been the nickname of Prince Adesegun Oniru, the eldest son of HRM Oba Idowu Abiodun Oniru who recently joined his ancestors.

It took the passing away of his dad for many to know that he is well-loved by many big boys . They all trooped out to support him.

In his Personal Tribute, he acknowledged 74 VIPs who made condolence calls and Messages.

The list is  made up of Governors, Ministers, Senators, Politicians, kings, State Commissioners, and many important dignitaries in society.

There are many more names he didn't even mention. He is not only popular, he is well connected.

He is not well loved just because of his social status as a crown Prince. Many are endeared to him because he is simply nice, revealed one of his friends. "With him you know where you belong. If he likes you, he won't hide it. If he is uncomfortable with you he won't pretend," explained another friend.

They all acknowledge his good nature. Despite his high social and royal ranking as a blue blood and the Aremo of Iruland, he is still his humble and simple self.

He is there for all. He has touched lives of so many in his own unique way. He has a way of Giving, that he does not make a song and dance of anything he does.

Many big boys like him because he is not loud. He is easy going and enjoys the good life. But he is also very brilliant and strategic in everything he does.  He is a deep thinker who always subject his actions to critical thinking.

He is always cool and calm. He is reserved and highly principled. He has time scheduled for everything he does. He works hard and plays hard.

He is a man of Style. He is a man of impeccable dressing, always very neat and decent. Of course he oozes class. Everything about him reeks of class, style and royalty.

You can't but like Aremo.

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