Friday, November 1, 2019


She is very popular in the US. This is because of the nature of her job. She is into Events. She anchors big events. She also presents programs. A few days back she told City People Online Fashion and Beauty Magazine her success story.

Tell me a bit about what you do and your fashion style?

My name is Ranti Jacobs Agbaminoja aka Ranti Alore L'America. I am into Brand Ambassadorship, Corporate and Media Event Planning Promotion, Publicity, Public Speaking, Theater Consulting Jingles and Advertising.
Fashion and style to me is something I grew up with from my maternal grandparents. 
The Martins are very high in fashion. I had an uncle who will have all colours of fabrics he loves, if it has 20 colours he would buy them all. Late Mr. Akanni Martins and also another of my uncle Shola Martins is a top high fashion being. Not to talk about my mom and her fashion sense.  Therefore I would describe myself as quite girly, but with an edge of fashion sense mixed with colours.  

I don't like having items of clothing that everybody else has.  I will sure be a little dramatic about it to look different from what's in town, you know like a bag you can find in every store. My looks are different in every outfit I put on. One day I'll be all girly depending on the event or style of the day and the next day I'll be rocking my African look, especially when am hosting events or Mcee-ing.  My makeup and hair depends on what I'm wearing and what I want my look to be for the event.

 I love stealing the shows with my looks and the mood am always in.  I like wearing high waist jeans/ skinnies and denim shirts if am dressing casual. I love vintage clothing. New York and Company, Last Call Zara, and Nordstrom are the only stores I shop, in actual facts most of my clothes are from NYC and Nordstrom and a few from Last Call

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