Monday, December 2, 2019


* High waisted jeans: it makes your waistline look higher than it actually is, it creates the illusion of longer legs. Opt for dark colored high waisted jeans because they make your bottom half look slimmer.

* Off the shoulder dress: are probably the single most flattering piece a stylish petite woman can wear. Dress have the ultimate lengthening effect and creates the illusion of height. Neckline is an important factor to find the best petite dresses, different petite body types look good in different necklines.

* Wrap dress: are perfect for fashionable girls who would like to highlight their curves. Wrap dress effortlessly accentuate your slender waist and full bust.

* Maxi dress: detachable fabrics made of natural fibers are the best choice of fabrics for a maxi dress. The fabrics makes the dress flow as you walk, when wearing a maxi prints dress, keep in mind that they should be scale with your size. Maxi dresses are so versatile. It goes for all kind of occasions depending on the fabric.

* Jumpsuit: are so trendy in recent years that you can see it worn to any event. Jumpsuits forms an unbroken vertical line that lengthens petite women especially if your legs are short. Jumpsuits are automatically dressy and very easy to style.

* Cropped jacket: elongates the bottom half and instantly make look taller. It can also make your tummy look flatter. When picking out the cropped jacket, make sure the length of the sleeves and hem of the jacket should not end exactly at the same point.

* White button down shirt: it goes with anything, it makes a good mix and match piece that is timeless. When opting for a white shirt, choose the one with classic styling, pointed 

 collars, long sleeves, button down front and cotton or cotton blend fabric .

* Camisole.: a deep v- neckline cami comes in handy and stylish. Wear beaded or sequined cami with a pencil skirt for special occasions.

* Tailored jacket: is another versatile piece, the tailored jacket can be mixed and matched with pants, jeans, skirts and dresses. It can be worn with a camisole, tank top, T-shirt. The best jacket style for the petite woman falls just to the hip.

*Dress pants: comes in handy for work. The best colors to be worn by a petite woman to make you look tall and slim, basic black dress pants, navy or dark brown works. It should have a zipper and fit well at the waist and hip with straight leg styling or a slight boot - cut for those who want to balance hips.

* Pencil skirt: is a versatile wardrobe builder which can be worn for many different occasions. Every petite woman should own at least one pencil skirt and go for the neutral colors just to be save when pairing

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