Monday, December 2, 2019

Why Many White Garment Churches Don't Joke With REV ESTHER AJAYI

Have you ever wondered why Rev Esther Ajayi is well-loved by so many members of the white garment churches across the world?

We can tell you why. It is because of her humanitarian and philanthropic gesture of this woman who many call Iya Adura.
What many don't know about her is that she supports worthy causes like church growth all over the world and she empowers many white garment churches by helping them resolve whatever challenges they have or are faced with and she does it quietly for God.

Unknown to people, every blessed day, Rev Esther Ajayi reaches out to hundreds of parishes of both the C&S and CCC to help them resolve many of the abandoned and uncompleted projects they are engaged in. And she does not discriminate.

City People has seen a long list of white garment churches, she has helped to complete or upgrade their auditorium and she does not talk about it.
And she spreads it across many churches. Let us shock you. Over the last 5 years or so , Rev Esther Ajayi has helped to complete hundreds of church buildings under construction.

Many of the leaders of the white garment churches have revealed how this woman helped them complete their church projects.

And her support is not limited to Churches in Nigeria alone. She travels round Africa a lot to touch lives and to empower people without making noise.

If she is not in Ghana today, she will be in Rwanda or Turkey. She actually has a full-fledged Foundation through which she spreads Joy to thousands of people and churches.

City People has learnt about how she has supported and sponsored so many gospel artistes all over the world. She has also positively changed their musical careers.

Today, many Musicians will readily tell you how she has helped their careers.
What has endeared her to many white garment church members is her crusade for unification of all white garment churches across the world.

She has been championing this cause.

She also believes in bringing back to the fold a lot of young people to help enrich the white garment churches. Through her influence, many female members in the white garment churches have become more stylish and fashionable in their dressing .They have come to make their Sultanas  to be trendy and stylish.

Unknown to many people this woman of God has been doing a lot to touch lives and help hundreds of parishes in the white garment churches but she does not talk about it.

That is why many men and Women of God don't joke with her.She means a lot to them. And they pray for her every day in her various churches.

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