Thursday, January 16, 2020

5 Problem Spots on the Plus Size Body & how to solve them?


The Plus Size Body has alot of peculiarities. The reson so many people are Plus Size differ from person to person.

In this Column, we will highlight on 5 major plus size issues and give  ideas on how to conceal those area's of the body to make you more Comfortable as a Plus Size Person.

1. Big Breast - For some people, this is the only reason that makes them fall into the Plus Size Category. For this type of people, its very easy yo manage this issue. Avoid cloths that are body fitted. Wear more of free Tops & Blouses. Make sure your Bras are Minimizers. This tend to make the Breast look smaller than their usual size. No need to keep changing your Bra cause you keep feeling its getting smaller, get Bra extenders. They help to give more room for your body to breathe.

2. Big Arms aka Mother Theresa - For some Women too, this is the only reason that makes them Plus Size. They really have big arms that make it difficult for them to fit into their perfect body size of cloths. If this is your problem, all you simply have to do is make sure your Tops & Blouses are made of elastic Fabric. Stretche cloths will help you fit perfectly into your normal size and also give you plenty of comfort. Also note that you can give this same instructions to your tailors. For additional designs, vertical lines on the arm areas are a welcomed development.

3. Big Tummy - This is the universal problem that qualifies you for the Plus Size Category. Alot of Black Women have this issues cause of mainly our diet and Maybe child bearing. Thank God for different innovations. We have loads of Body sharpers, Spanks, Tummy Snatchers  Body Magic, Body Girdle etc that can come to your rescue. For people like me who hate discomforts, you can settle for everything Peplum in your Tops, Dresses etc. Peplum designs help to conceal the Tummy fats. The Drama around the peplum takes away focus from the big Tummy and it ends up giving you a very elegant look in whatever you wear.

4. Big Laps - This is the main reason why so many women are Plus Size. I have come across people who are size 14 up and size 22 down. So in this situation, its advisable to do alot of fitted / stretchy styles for your bottom outfits. Do more of skinny jeans, pencil Skirts  straight pants, palazzo pants, long Straight Skirts etc. They make the Laps look smaller and they dont look too different from the upper part of the body.

5. Broad Shoulders - A few woman have this issues that they are dealing with. In some cases it comes with Fat backs. And this might be the only reason that makes them Plus Size. Make sure when you are dressing up, Dont wear things that will make it look so obvious that your upper part is extremely wider than your lower part. Tops / Blouses that have turtle necks or fringes around the neck area are a must have. They take away attention from the broadness of the shoulder.

I have this Tips help you when taking your fashion desicions.

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