Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Beautiful Amputee Widow, Yetunde Morenike Ajani Raji Tells Citypeople Her Inspiring Story

This is the inspiring story of Yetunde Morenike Ajani Raji. She is a beautiful woman. She is stylish and highly fashionable.

She is a woman whose story will draw you to tears. She is an amputee. She is a widow and she has been keeping hope alive.

She is an amputee widow who lost her husband the same day she lost her legs.
She dresses superbly and she is always gorgeously and glamorously attired.
She is always full of life.

She is bubbly. She has not let her predicament weighs her down.

A few days back she spoke to Citypeople Online Fashion and beauty magazine Publisher Seye Kehinde about how she has coped.

Tell me a bit about Yetunde. Everybody says you are simply amazing....

My name is Yetunde Morenikeji Raji

I am a 49yr/old beautiful female amputee widow, a wife, and mother with unique Grace and Amazing God's kindness in this rare second chance of life.

You have been through a lot of challenges over the last few years  Tell me about it.

I married one of the best God created in person of late Alhaji/Rotrn/Dr Ajani Adeniyi Raji, a great hematologist that was unfortunate & got killed by a guy that broke through the red light under the influence of a drug (I gathered) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia while I lost my left limb and with external fixation from hips down on my right leg, dislocation of shoulders and bad wrists and I still have a pipe in my right eye till date since 2013 and not without spending twenty-three (23months) in foreign hospitals with access been denied to my 3treasures for this duration but glad to have been given a rare second chance by my Only clay potter

But to God be The Glory. I am living, aren’t I?

And not just living but living well with full grace...amen

How come you didn't let all these challenges affect you negatively?

My scary story but that will certainly end in praise is something I have shared severally in both printed media & Television/Radio stations outside the country and within the nation to inspire those with gifts of lives today and this alone gives me no reason to allow it affect me negatively, but to Thank God for his new daily mercies in my Life & all mine.

God removed that rag of shame and gave me new fabric named daily gratitude and I wear all my scars with pride. Elegantly proud of my scars and Wear the crown well.

So what do you do now? Do you run a business? Do you have an NGO

I hear hundreds of people asking me to set up an NGO regularly and I laugh each time I hear this.

Presently, I contribute to my own little quota to the less privileged, those in the hospitals, few widows here and there, from the little, I have for my treasures’ pocket money.

Maybe, if I get support from companies/Philanthropists in society, I can do more because I know what it is to wear their shoes.

Registration of the NGO is ongoing...owo kan n sojoro (the fund has been a bit challenging) currently with bit and pieces of selling?

What are the lesssons life has taught You?

Here's a zillion question.

Life has taught me so many unforgettable lessons and I am still learning.

The first lesson my incident gave me was, NEVER TO HOLD TOO FIRMLY TO ANYTHING/ANYONE NO MATTER HOW DEAR. Because I didn't think I could ever live without my dearest Adeniyi (I saw him back then as the only string attached to my life, how wrong?)

I later realized that Adeniyi was unreplaceable ADDED VALUE & A CHERISHED ONE!
I was also cut off from my children for over 2yrs because they were denied visas and these are children I couldn't stay away from for more than 3weeks in the is unfair truly & unpredictable.

In life, we must never rely on people's promises.
They will surely fail but we must not hold it against them.

One should learn to keep hope alive. I was told by those doctors that I would never walk or sit without pillow’s support again.

But I am not only walking unaided but I can dance like turkey and sit without support unless necessary.

I strongly believe God is super awesome.

He can do anything and everything and when you consistently knock on that door and it's not opening, believe me, there's another better by far door somewhere to be revealed with loads of God's unmerited favours

How many kids do you have? How have they take all these challenges of yours?

Oh these rare treasures, God's Heritages are three in my care age...23...19 and 17.


They've been very supportive and I am truly blessed to call them mine.

When I count my blessings, they top the list...I am thankful God(I don't want to cry....

How did you take the news of your mum’s passing last week?

I took it in good faith because no one can question God though truly wish she could have fixed one or two things before the final bells...

Maami's sad news came just after midnight of 2nd day of January 2020 while everyone was happy and it brought back hubby's fondest fresh & very painful but couldn't cry but hurtful.

My mother's body was the third dead body I carried in my 49yrs journey on earth.
I was part of the people that bathed and dressed her.

I personally made Maami's hair and my last treasure was present all through the procedure...amazing girl she is...

May Almighty forgive Maami all her sins and grant all those departed before her paradise especially my very own Adeniyi Ajani Raji...Amen


  1. Amazing!love your courage ma'am, you are a role model. May the good lord grant you long life in good and sound health to eat the fruits of your labour in Jesus name

  2. Amazing!love your courage ma'am, you are a role model. May the good lord grant you long life in good and sound health to eat the fruits of your labour in Jesus name. Amen