Friday, January 3, 2020


Popular Lagos businesswoman, Princess Toyin Kolade who is popularly called lyalaje of Apapa has told City People Online Fashion & Beauty Magazine her fashion secrets. Many know Iyalaje is a very stylish woman. She is a popular socialite and fashionista. She is one of the best-dressed ladies in Lagos. She is always gorgeously attired to parties and events. And she attends a lot of parties on a weekly basis.
This has made her to really step up her fashion style. Everywhere she goes now she looks stunning and Glamorous in her outfits. She seldom wears Iro and Buba. She has carved out her unique Iyalaje boubous.

She now wears more of white than other colours. Her Gele Style has also changed. She now ties a different Gele, as you will see in some of her photos. Last week, she revealed to City People Online Fashion & Beauty Magazine how she copes wearing mostly white.  

We noticed that you love wearing white a lot these days, and you have remained very creative in the way you rock your white fabrics, we asked her. It makes you stand out. Do you have anyone who designs for you? How have you been creating your styles?

“I design my outfits by myself”, she promptly explains. “And I also have lots of stylish people around me that always appreciate what I wear and give me great ideas. They always want the best for me. It has not been easy wearing white I must tell you. You have to keep coming up with designs that will make you stand out, which will make each outfit look different from the other one. 

I also play with different kinds of white fabrics. But since the beginning of my life, I’ve always loved white. My name is Oluwatoyin. My mother told me not to wear any other colour apart from white since I was a little kid. I have been wearing white all my life. She said it specifically that I must not wear Red. Like I said, it’s not been easy wearing white. But I have become used to it”.  

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