Thursday, January 16, 2020

The Big Feet Lady.

This could be a great challenge especially if you are the trendy type.

1. Always note that your shoes complement your dressing.
2. Always note that your shoes say a lot about who you are.
3. Learn to wear the appropriate shoes on the appropriate outfit.
4. Dont go cheap with shoes. They give you out so quickly.
5. Heels are not for everybody.

6. Always know that Flat shoes are not meant for all outfits. Some outfits require a bit of lift.

7.Never wear over sized shoes. Always wear your exact shoe size.
8. Always remember to oil your feet. Dry feets are a turn off.
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Tips on how to Manage Big Boobs.

Your Boobs determine your out look especially when you are dressed for an outing.
So the way you pack them tells alot about who you are.
In this part of the world, alot of Women have very big breast and that doesnt mean they are necessarily plus size.

So i will be giving a few tips on how to manage this kind of situation.

1. First things first, you must know your bra size.And this means knowing your under burst measurement as well as your Cup size eg Are you a 40D, or 40DD or 40 DDD? Size varies.

2. Never attempt to fit a breast size of 40DD into a cup size of 40D. That spill above usually looks ridiculous in cloths. And trust me its very obvious.

3. You must know which bra type to use on each outfit. Eg Plung or Balconet bras.

4. Some outfits require loose packing, while for other outfits you must pack up totally.

5. For corporate outfits, its advised that you pack up fully. While for outfits like kaftans and Iro & buba you can let loose abit.

6. Always avoid plung bras if you are heavy breasted.

7. Balconet bras are your best bets for any lady with big boobs.

8. Always buy your exact bra size when shopping for bras. If it feels abit uncomfortable behind, theres something called a bra extender. This helps to give you more space

9.Every big breasted woman must have one Minimizer bra in your closet. Some days call for them.

10. Big nipples showing through your outfit especially Tee Shirts is a NO NO. Choose your bras wisely.

11. Always learn how to adjust your bra straps to fit your breast packing. Your bra looses shape once the strap is not adjusted properly.

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