Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Many Lovely Designs Of Revd Mother Esther Ajayi's Sutanas

Revd Mother Esther Ajayi is a very stylish woman no doubt. She continues to dazzle every day as she steps out to events all over the world.

She has shown that there is a way ladies in white garment churches can keep wearing white and still be stylish and trendy.

She has shown that over and over again. Every time you see her she is always in er white sutana and well-embroidered caps.

What she does is to mix and match various white fabrics to break the monotony. She also embellishes her sutana with colourful trimmings.

She is one of the stylish and fashionable women to watch out for this year 2020.

Every time she storms an event many women usually watch out for ow she will rock her sutana and hat.And she never fails to impress them each time.

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