Thursday, January 16, 2020

What styles suit a Plus Size Lady?

Always remember that what makes each and everyone one of us plus size is totally different.

Some people are Top heavy, while others are bottom heavy, some people just have really big arms, while others its their tummy. All this factors contribute to what makes a woman Plus size.

The aim is to always make whatever part of your body that is Plus Size look slimmer and still elegant and chic.

Are you top heavy? - Theirs something called a minimizing Bra. Its cut in a way that it sucks in the bulk of the breast hence giving you a smaller look.

Are your arms really big? Long sleeves blouses or tops give a slimming effect and helps to conceal the biggness of the hands.

Are you bottom heavy? Do lots of Pencil skirks and long straight skirts. Run away from flared skirks.

Do you have a really big tummy? Long tops are perfect. Also Vertically lined  tops also do the magic.

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