Friday, January 10, 2020


It is the beginning of a new year 2020 and a lot of celebrity ladies are already rushing to Poshglow-Skincare, for their skincare needs, at its 9 Ogundana Street, off Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos head office. The Poshglow Skincare store has become a beehive of activities as many ladies are rushing to pick up their favourite skincare products.

What is attracting these ladies to Poshglow, is their wide range of products that is very effective.

No wonder, Poshglow has become the most talked about skincare company.
That is where all the Big Babes are going for solutions to their skincare issues. Can you believe that the brand is just 2 years old but it has done more than what older brands have done. 

The beautiful  CEO of the company Yeye Oge Folasade Omotoyinbo is a good advertisement for her Skincare  brand. She is blessed with a glowing skin that is flawless. She is one of the very best Skincare specialists in that industry today. She trained abroad and she is very, very good. So good is this very beautiful and stylish woman that she has a wide range of products that many women have fallen in love with. She produces them herself. She also uses them. So whenever people commend her flawless and glowing skin  she simply tells them they can look like her by using her cream.

She has about 30 skincare products that are in high demand. But let us tell you about a few. There is the Caramel Kit. There is Snow White kit and Halfcast kit. Poshglow also has the Flawless kit and Total White Kit. The list is endless. Poshglow Skincare products are available at their 9 Ogundana Street off Allen Avenue, in Ikeja, Lagos.

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