Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Why Many London Babes Celebrate Ayokunnu Niniola

In London, her name rings a bell. She is a leading Makeup Specialist who has done make up for a long list of celebrity ladies of note. She’s good and everybody says so. You can actually see evidence of that in what she does.

Some simply call her Ayokunnu Niniola. Others call her CMB, the name of her make up brand which means Colour Me Beautiful.

She is one beautiful lady whose job is to make other ladies look beautiful. And the good thing about her is that she does a great job of that.
She is one of the most sought after Naija makeup artistes in London. She is one of the Naija good girls keeping the flag flying in London.

So good is she that her clientele list is a Roll Call of all the Big Babes in London.

No wonder she was well celebrated a few days back on social media when she celebrated her birthday.

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